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Fishing Report

Weiss Lake Fishing Reports, Neely Henry, Etc.

Been a while.....

by Todd on 06/16/19

Thanks for continuing to check out the website and enjoying the outdoors! It's been a while since my website, store and fishing reports have been available as I've been away on a deployment for the military. It may take a while to get going strong again, but, in the meantime, please continue to enjoy our great outdoors! Tight lines as always!

Weiss Lake Crappie 3-17-2017

by Todd on 03/18/17

Wow what a difference a day makes! The weather was definitely better today and the water was a bit warmer from the slightly warmer temps.

Got out this afternoon for a 4 hour trip and it was worth it. Started and ended in Yellow Creek trolling 18-24 feet of water with 1/16th ounce jig heads topped with electric chicken and wally world colored grubs. The yellow and white bass were eating the electric chicken so well, I took them off and put on all wally world Southern Pro grubs.

Once again and as usual, the armada of boats were in Yellow Creek, especially with the Crappie USA tournament starting tomorrow morning. Most everyone was complaining they were only catching a couple with 5-6 being the average in the boats we talked to. In 4 hours, we had 30 crappie with the biggest being about 13 inches.

The wind was rough but the fish were biting!

Weiss Lake Crappie 3-16-2017

by Todd on 03/18/17

Hit the water today and it was COLD! The day started out around 18 degrees at daybreak and warmed up slowly with the wind blowing.

The Crappie were slow to bite today. Started out trolling 1/16oz jigs in church house only picking up 4-5 keepers. If you like yellow bass, this was the place to be! After a while, jumped to yellow creek thinking the water would clear up but it was still dingy. Had to add split shot to the line to keep the baits down in the wind. Our best colors today were black with chartreuse tails.

The other 40 boats in yellow creek weren't doing much better, but with warmer temps on the horizon, things should get back to being hot again. There have been a few tagged fish showing up across the lake so get your badge and get on the water!

Weiss Lake Crappie 2-20-2017

by Todd on 03/18/17

Crappie fishing is great on Weiss as usual this time of year.

The water is warming up and crappie are eating! The weatherman called for a 77 degree high today, not sure we made it there.

Most anglers are bunched up tighter than the fish in the Little River and Little Spring Creek areas. People really need to be careful and considerate out on the water! Decided to get away from the masses and try out Bay Springs Marina area and we weren’t the only ones, of course. There were about 30 boats about daybreak but we were catching Crappie for sure! Once the congestion of boats started thinning out, we really started catching the Crappie long line trolling 1/16oz crappie jigs. Our best producing baits were 2 inch curly tails in black/chartreuse, blue/chartreuse and black and red/chartreuse tail.

Late in the day, made a move to Yellow Creek area and trolled on the Chestnut Bay Resort side and caught the biggest Crappie of the day, then my fishermen wanted to see what Little River was all about, so we made the jump over and there were still many, MANY boats in the area even late in the day. Only managed one fish in the hour we spent in Little River.

All in all it was a beautiful day for trolling up Crappie on Weiss Lake!

5/19/2016 Weiss Crappie

by Todd on 05/20/16

Weiss is hovering around full pool and the pleasure boaters are starting to increase.

We got out on Weiss on Thursday, May 19 and decided to shoot docks for crappie. You had to find the right docks with the best shade and brush but we managed to catch them.

Our best luck came on a 1/16th oz head with a black/chartreuse curly tail and a 1/24th oz head with a Todd's hand poured black/gold glitter straight tail grub with tail dipped in chartreuse.

The crappie may have spawned and scattered but they still have to eat! You just have to find them and feed them what they want.

...AND wear sun protection!!!

Tight lines out there! And give us a call...

3-13-2016 Weiss Lake Crappie

by Todd on 03/15/16

Took a group from Florida out crappie fishing Sunday, March 13. Weather was a bit random but we managed to fish from 10a-3p.

Water temps started out around 60 and topped out at 62 during this trip. We put in at Bay Springs Marina and never left the Bay Springs area. It was a little better protected from the wind and away from the armada of boats in Little River.

We caught the majority of our fish in the 8-9' and 18-20' range on 1/16th oz candy red jigheads tipped with my fluorescent blue with glitter 2.5" curly grubs. Things are still a little slower in Bay Springs compared to Little River but are sure to explode as usual.



Weiss Lake Slabs 3-6-2016

by Todd on 03/06/16

Been on the water the last couple days on Weiss Lake. Some areas of the lake are still recovering from the recent high water, but Alabama Power has been sure to rapidly drop the water as usual.

Water temps vary from 50-54 degrees.

Most crappie are being caught in the Little River portion of the lake. ALSO, most crappie fishermen are in the Little River area as well!! Curly grubs with chartreuse tails are most consistent and 1/24 and 1/16 oz jigheads are getting the work done while trolling. Crappie limits are showing up so get out on the water!

Weiss Lake 10/18/2015

by Todd on 10/18/15

10-18-2015 Weiss Lake Alabama

Water temp around 67 degrees and windy conditions.

Weiss Lake is showing the draw down toward winter pool for sure and the brush piles are everywhere. With the cooler water temps, lower water and more shad in 3-5 ft of water than I've seen so far...the bite is on! Only got to spend a couple hours on the water this evening and came off the water just before dark. But it was a very productive couple of hours.

I stayed extremely shallow and fished around the shad! Ended up catching 12 bass and a striper with the largest going 6.25 pounds. Had the best luck on my 3/8oz coosa river killer colored spinnerbait with the bigger fish. Also caught fish crawling a 1/2oz lipless Crankbait in sexy shad and a 2.5 squarebill Crankbait. These are my go to baits this time of year and they hardly ever disappoint. Probably could have caught some on a topwater lure as they were busting everywhere, but I didn't take the time to get it out with the luck I was having on the spinnerbait.

Caught this 5 pounder on a lipless Crankbait:

The Fall FRENZY is here! Get outta work and lets go FISHING!!!!

Weiss Lake 9/22/2015

by Todd on 09/22/15

Weather started out cloudy but ended up mostly sunny with temps in the low 80's.
Water temp hovered around 76 degrees for this trip.

Was able to get out on Weiss today from about 10a til 3:30p. The wind was steady around 7 mph which caused a slight stain. With fall temps approaching and Weiss steadily dropping towards winter pool, I decided to stay up shallow and was able to catch a few good ones. And when I say shallow, I mean throw on dry land and drag your lure into the water shallow. I stuck mostly with my 3/8 oz spinnerbait in my Coosa River Killer color (crappie pattern), but I did the most damage with a 2.5 squarebill Crankbait in shady areas using a custom color I wanted to try out. Biggest bass was around 3 lbs. Was surprisingly a slower day, but it beats work!

I did move out to the 8-9' mark for a few casts just to try out another of my custom colors, but decided to call it quits and let the wind have it there at the end.

Fall colors, temps and sore fish catching muscles are just around the corner. Give me a shout and we'll see what Weiss offers.

Weiss Lake 8/11/15

by Todd on 08/12/15

Took a short vacation down to Orange Beach, but finally made it back and spent a few hours on Weiss Lake yesterday, Aug 11. Weiss is definitely blooming and the weather is hot. Launched in Leesburg about 9am and fished until 1pm. When I launched it was cloudy and the water temp was 83.1 degrees. The clouds eventually disappeared and the water warmed up to 86.3 by 1pm. I did take advantage of the overcast and caught a few bass on my Spro frog in and around the grass. As usual with frog fishing, also missed a few but it was a lot of fun!

After the clouds disappeared, I decided to stay shallow. Ended up having the best luck on a Bass Nabber craw from Todd's Custom Lures in Black/Blue Flake with a pegged 1/4 oz tungsten weight around shaded seawalls and points.

After flipping to a few dark spots that would kick up huge amounts of mud, I moved in closer and realized the huge carp are every where in the shallow grass right now. I saw more carp in these 4 hours of fishing than I have in quite a while. Should be good news for the bowfishing! Tried to get a picture of one that was solid black and big as a whale but nearly fell overboard from the wake it put off when I got too close!

Hope you have enjoyed this report and keep your lines tight out there! I have dates available so feel free to give me a call or email to set up a trip today!

Weiss Lake Bass Report 7-24-2015

by Todd on 07/25/15

Check out my latest full report at http://www.fishin.com/forums2/content.php/4485-Weiss-Lake-Alabama 

Weiss Lake is still hovering around full pool with water temps in the mid to upper 80's which is about right for the Dog Days of Summer! With the hotter temps and longer days, a good number of fish are being caught offshore on the humps and ledges Weiss provides anglers. We've been fortunate to locate a few good fish using swimbaits out deep, especially when the current is being generated. The most productive bait for me this week was a 4.75" swimbait that I poured and fished on a 1oz shimmy down from Todd's Custom Lures.

Weiss Lake Fishing 7/13/15

by Todd on 07/15/15

Was able to fish the Sunday eve tournament out of Little River Marina. Caught some in the grass around current on a SPRO frog and Todd's Custom Lures "The Beav" in Watermelon Red before my aerators went down on me. No worries, figured out a fuse dislodged itself and everything is back to running.

Weiss Lake 7-11-15

by Todd on 07/12/15

Even with the Weekend Series and BPS catfish tournament in town, we were out on the water for four hours looking for bass upriver. Lots of boat action around, but we were able to catch some out on some humps and up shallow on the rocks. Best baits today were a swimbait out deep and TCL's Shimmy Down in the shade around the rocks. It's extremely hot out there, but the bass are still biting!

Weiss Lake 7-4-15

by Todd on 07/12/15

Decided to brave the holiday traffic on Weiss and try some striper action. Had family in and four of us loaded up in the boat and bounced our way up Little Spring Creek for a few hours. Had a tough time finding shad in the summer sun, but managed a few and even found a few stripes willing to play!  They are definitely fun to catch!

Weiss Lake 7/3-4/15

by Todd on 07/12/15

Was fortunate to beat the 4th of July crowd and do some bowfishing on Weiss. The water was extremely murky from the recent rains and the armada of holiday boats. Got to shoot "AT" a few carp and one gar, but the weather was nice up until about midnight when the storms pushed us off the lake. Lots of fun to be had, check with me for available dates and come do some shooting!

Weiss Lake 6-24-15

by Todd on 07/12/15

Took one of my lil' fishing buddies out on Weiss this morning and fished shallow for his benefit. Ended up catching some bass on a texas rigged homemade finesse worm in about 1' FOW before the heat caught up with him and he was ready to go boat riding instead. Still fun to get the youth out on the water!

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